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caliservedyou asked: Omg that's so cool you're from Pittsburgh! I used to be on coyotes allstars

That’s awesome! Yes, I love Pittsburgh Superstars :)

bows-andd-glitter asked: Hi (: do you cheer at Pittsburgh Superstars? If so, do you like the gym? I've been doing allstar cheerleading since I was 8 & last year I took a year off to recover from injuries. I'm ready to go back but I do not want to go to my local gym (NEO Allstars) simply because the program is terrible... I live about an hour away from the Pittsburgh Superstars gym & during the season, my mom doesn't like driving to the competitions so we usually ride with someone there. I'm not sure what to do..

Hi! I currently cheer & coach at Pittsburgh Superstars. It’s the absolute best thing that’s happened to me! The coaches and athletes are awesome and so are all of the things you get to experience as a member. I defiantly Recommend it :)

All I want to know- is if it were all true, and to see you in person one more time.

"If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up."

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